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Retail Property

Atlas Bay Commercial Brokerage - Tampa, FL

With experience working on everything from large, complex portfolios to small private capital assignments, we understand how to provide clear advice that creates value and delivers results. 


Total retail properties in US as of 2022


Total value of retail property in US as of 2023


Average price paid per square foot of retail space sales in US in 2022

Source: Costar, LILP, NRF

Atlas Bay Commercial Brokerage - Tampa, FL

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If you're buying, selling or looking to invest in commercial retail assets, we are here to provide professional commercial brokerage and advisory services to ensure a successful and smooth transaction. Our experts are standing by!


  • Asset Acquisitions
    The Atlas Bay Commercial real estate brokerage team are experts at finding and transacting real estate investment properties, providing professional guidance to buyers and sellers to ensure a successful deal for all sides. Combined with our Investment and Consulting Groups, we can provide a tailored experience for each individual situation or client. By excelling in seller outreach, marketing, education, and communication, we uncover investment opportunities not available to the typical investor. Allow us to provide our acquisition expertise to accelerate your real estate, small business, or investment activities.
  • Seller Counsel and Listing Performance
    As a high performing, top real estate brokerage in Tampa, FL, Atlas Bay Commercial upholds memberships and access to all of the major real estate listing services, including Costar, Loopnet, Crexi, MLS, Zillow, Redfin, REALTOR, and more. We provide pre-listing counsel to sellers 3 months to 3 years prior to listing in order to ensure the financials, operations, and profits from the business or property are optimizing for an above market exit sales price. We put together modern, clear offering memorandums, flyers, and reports for our listings to present the opportunity in the best light imaginable. Beyond these typical brokerage activities, we go the extra mile by applying our decades of relationships, buyer's lists, and reach to market our properties off market, directly to our trusted group of pre-screened buyers. As a seller, you can be sure that your property is reaching your target buyer demographic, and will not be missed or misunderstood. Our goal as brokers and consultants, is to achieve the highest price and the smoothest transaction possible for our property owners who intrust us with representing their property to market.
  • Consulting Practices
    We live and breathe real estate and small business acquisitions, operations, dispositions, finances, and optimization. Allow us to provide our knowledge and advise your real estate investing or small business operations to achieve your goals. As full time operators in the space, we provide our clients with an exclusive view into opportunities from a different perspective, rooted in market trends and realities that we experience every day.
  • Project Management
    Our project management professionals deliver operational, sales, marketing and finance improvement projects from end-to-end from consulting through the design and build-out and activation of the site all the way through the formal close-out and hand-off to operations, optimizing value and minimizing risk.
  • Investment Asset Management
    As investors, sponsors, and general partners, we take care of all of the property and business management activities that come with an investment. Our investors are looking for a true passive return, rooted in strong and resilient hard assets. From A to Z, we roll up our sleeves and do the work behind the scenes to maintain compliance, performance, and high ROI for our investors. Sit back, review exclusive deals, and let your return on capital accumulate month after month.
  • Strategic Advantages
    We source and invest in supply constricted, strong economic markets in the United States of America. Our diverse real estate and SMB practices interact with each other to provide our clients and investors with opportunities, strategies, and counsel that otherwise are not available at one-dimensional firms. As a multi-dimensional group of companies, our real advantage in the market is how our insight and expertise intersect to provide services that best fit each client. No matter what a clients real estate or business need is, we can provide the necessary solution, or point or clients in the right direction if we are not the right fit.
Atlas Bay Commercial Brokerage - Tampa, FL

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